8 best baby cradles in India for your newborn

8 best baby cradles in India for your newborn

There is a lot of thought you put in when you have a little one joining your family. The most important thing for all new parents is to understand and decide where will their newborn sleep. After spending 9 months in the womb, the cradle/bassinet you pick for them will be where they spend most of their time in the 1st year of their life. Hence, it is super important to get the right baby cradle.


So why compromise with the quality of bassinets and cradles? Your little one deserves the best of the best and we are here to give you just that. We understand parents needs for their babies and fulfil them with our supremely designed products which are made with the best and child-safe materials.


Here is a list of 8 bassinets and cradles online in India to help you pick the one best for you and your baby.



  1. Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle


The Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle is durable and creates a safe and comfortable place for your baby. The wheels and their locks at the base provide better portability and stability. The mosquito net and side mesh enable proper ventilation and protection from irritating pests.


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  1. Kiddery Polkamania Baby Cradle


Kiddery Polkamania deluxe cradle is simple, practical and comes with a unique design which keeps your baby warm and comfortable. It is one of the best baby cradles online. The fun polka print makes it appealing for your baby. It comes with safety locks which makes it easy for you to take the bassinet stroller for a walk.


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  1. Kiddery Bamboo Wooden Cradle


Kiddery Bamboo Wooden Cradle is 100% made in India with birchwood which makes it strong and durable. Its compact size makes it easy to move around or fit in smaller spaces. It is designed keeping your baby’s safety in mind without compromising on your baby’s sound sleep. It comes with a mosquito net and storage. The lockable wheels make it easy to keep the cradle stationary and allows you to move it around as required.


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  1. Kiddery Lyra Baby Cradle

Ever wondered why babies sleep is so important? Because it promoted their brain development. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a baby cradle that’s not just stylish but also ensures that your little gets a sound sleep. The cradle is portable and comes with lockable wheels to ensure the safety of your baby. The cradle is designed in a way where it can be detached from the frame which makes it easy to clean.  Both the swing-lock feature and the cradle’s frame assure extra safety.


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  1. Kiddery Aurora Baby Cradle

Kiddery aurora swing cradle is perfect for new parents. This comfortable cradle is comfortable and mimics the position of the baby in the womb. Made with child-safe and strong materials, this cradle gives your baby the best quality of sleep and it comes with a swing lock to ensure full safety.


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  1. Kiddery Rocking Bassinet


Looking for a bassinet? Your search ends here! The Kiddery rocking bassinet is makes use of gentle rocking motion to soothe your baby. You can rock your baby to sleep or make it stationary by using the stabilizer. It also promotes independence, where the baby can use the motion of the rocking cradle and calm themselves. It is made in India with birchwood and non-toxic paints. Now you and your baby can have a good nap time!


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  1. Kiddery Patsun Bassinet


This beautiful handmade hanging baby bassinet, Patsun, is a beautiful piece of décor in your baby’s nursery. It is multipurpose where you can use it as a bassinet, swig for your baby and once they grow out of it, it can be used as décor in your home. It is beautiful with intricate design and provides the best comfort for your baby.


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  1. Kiddery Bella+Baloo Baby Bassinet

Can’t decide on which bassinet to choose? We give you Bella+Baloo baby bassinet! Made with sturdy child-safe materials, this bassinet is light weight and foldable which makes it convenient to travel around with. With its detachable basket, you can carry the baby anywhere without disturbing their sound sleep. It comes with a mosquito net and lockable wheel to provide the optimum level of safety.


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We hope this list helps you pick the right cradle/bassinet. Comment below and let us know which one did you pick
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