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The formative years spent at home provide the foundation for your kids’ lives. It may seem the days fill up with cleaning your young Picasso’s messes, keeping track of your mini Earhart, or making brain food to fuel your little Einstein, but at Kiddery, we believe you’re doing much, much more. All those who have made a positive difference in the world started just like your kids: eager explorers full of curiosity and questions. We can make the home a cultivated factory for success, a place that encourages kids to be curious, experiment, create and make mistakes. It takes effort to build this kind of home, and we can start by helping our kids feel safe to push their creative boundaries. 

When we make home a mistake-friendly place, we free our kids from the fear of failure and allow them to create and try new things. Knowing parents are not worried about a mess gives kids freedom to push their creative boundaries and invent. Failed experiments can be seen as comedic and fun, not tragic. They become opportunities to learn and try again. Kids also need a place where they can create. We know space is sometimes limited, and the living room often doubles as the laboratory. Having a mess-friendly work station for kids invites them to experiment, and fosters the creative process. We want to make it as easy as possible for parents to provide their kids with this kind of space. Our products and furniture design gives kids exciting places to play, and parents simple ways to store and organise the tools of creativity.

We use easy to clean materials, making it simple to recover from the chaos of experimentation, so kids can start the process again. We build safe and sturdy kid’s furniture that will last your family through all these important years. Whether it’s making scribbles worth 1,000 words, drumming on pots and pans, or building a block castle, the spark of innovation begins in your home.

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