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Kiddery Patsun | Hanging Baby Bassinet

Kiddery Patsun | Hanging Baby Bassinet

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AGE: 0 – 8 months

 About the product:

 Kiddery Patsun is a handmade hanging baby bassinet which is a beautiful piece of furniture for your little one. It takes care of your baby’s sound sleep and also adds elegance of the home décor or the nursery of your child. It can be used as both a swing and a baby bassinet for your babies.


What will I get:

DIY Baby Bassinet


How to use:

It is a swinging bassinet that can be hanged in a safe place. It can be then gently pushed to provide a soft swing to help the babies sleep better.



1) Creativity: It is a beautiful piece of furniture which is handmade; parents shouldn’t miss out on it while creating their baby’s dream nursery.


2) Easy to use: The parents can simply place their babies inside the baby bassinet and swing them gently to sleep.


3)  Explore: Sleep allows babies to strengthen their memory and things they’ve learnt and prepares them to process and explore the environments around them better when they are awake.

4) Swing: Kiddery hanging cradle swings: Motions your infant remembers from the womb. This helps your baby fall asleep effortlessly.


Dimensions & Carrying Capacity

Dimensions: ‎ ‎80 x 46 x 79 cm

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