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Kiddery Bella+Baloo | Baby Bassinet | Pink

Kiddery Bella+Baloo | Baby Bassinet | Pink

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AGE: 0 – 8 months

About the product:

Kiddery Bella+Baloo - Baby Bassinet is the perfect combination of luxury and engineering providing utmost safety. With its detachable carry basket, you can carry your baby easily while she is sleeping without any disturbance.

Its compact design with a wheel lock enables you to move the Baby bassinet easily and makes sure the bassinet stays where you have placed it. Our rhythm of swing speed is the best for the baby.

What will I get:

  • Keeps Your Baby in Constant Motion: Even after they’ve adjusted to life outside the womb, many babies still love being in constant motion—and a baby swing provides the continuous rocking movement that calms and soothes babies when they’re fussy.
  • Gives Your Arms a Break
  • Portability: Baby Bassinets are lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry while traveling. A bassinet is a portable baby bed that you can move between rooms and places. A portable bassinet allows you to carry your newborn
  • Affordable cost: Given their smaller size and compactness, bassinets are budget-friendly and help you offer your newborn a comfortable sleeping experience. Materials used in bassinets are lightweight, thereby reducing the cost of the product.

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