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Kiddery Maia | Baby Cradle | Pink

Kiddery Maia | Baby Cradle | Pink

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AGE: 0 – 8 months

About the product:

Kiddery Maia is a cradle for babies aimed to give them and their parents a good sleep. The unique features of Maia include the four wheels on which the baby cradle is based, it helps in moving it to different places. Kiddery Maia also comes with a protective net that safeguards the baby from mosquitoes and any kind of flies, giving them an uninterrupted night of sleep.
What will I get:

DIY Baby cradle


Mosquito net

Set of wheels

How to use:
It is an easy to setup cradle with no extra efforts needed. The protective net can be adjusted according to the baby’s needs of either napping or playing.

1) Portable: It is an easy-to-move baby cradle that comes with four wheels and can be carried by parents while travelling.

2) Safe: It takes care of the baby’s safety needs by providing a protective net and safety locks for all the four wheels of the cradle.

3) Easy maintenance: The fabric on the cradle can be easily removed and washed.

4) Strong and secure: The baby cradle structure is very strong and secure ensuring the complete safety of your little one.


Product dimensions: ‎98 x 67 x 96 cm

Weight it can carry: 15 kgs

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