Montessori Packages

Montessori Packages That Make Life Easier

Independence and self-confidence are qualities that need to be ingrained in every child from the earliest stages of childhood. Every child's first classroom is their environment; hence, it plays an essential role in every kid’s life. Children are in a constant state of learning and growing from everything around them. This fact makes it essential to facilitate a child’s environment with Montessori tools, furniture, and smart toys that encourage a kid to move and brainstorm.

What are Montessori Packages?

Montessori packages involve toys and child-sized furniture that ignite the child's imagination and creativity and help him or her understand the environment around them. Such packages are easily available at Kiddery, and they include the following furniture pieces:

  • Pikler Triangle with Ramp: 
  • The Pikler Triangle at Kiddery is a fun prop to enhance the physical and cognitive development of your tiny tot. The benefits of a Pikler triangle have been recognised by educators for over 100 years. It also helps in increasing spatial awareness and provides a balance between learning and fun. Proprioceptive learning is also promoted through this simple yet smartly built triangle. This simple idea is a toy bar for all kids, from infancy to 10 years of age. 

  • High Chair:
  • A chair made with a vision to be with the child till all his or her stages up to adulthood. It’s an adjustable chair that offers freedom of movement with its adjustable footplate and seat. It was made with the aim of encouraging better bonding with children. This versatile chair can be used as a DIY high chair too and it can also be brought to the dinning table to increase kids' creative involvement. This chair is great to make your child feel confident and comfortable as the footplates are to bring the floor close to their feet no matter how high they are sitting on the chair.  

  • Kiddery Learning Tower:
  • The Kiddery learning tower is a  table cum chair set. It is another amazing furniture piece you can add to your Montessori package. The right education begins with the right environment. Kiddery learning tower is a uniquely designed table and chair set. The hyperactivity that most kids experience can be controlled with the right surroundings. This learning tower is easy to place in any room and it can make the kid involved in activities without the assistance of any adult. This tower is built with the aim to offer your kid a sense of independence in his or her actions. This also enhances the presence of your kid even when you're busy at home.

    Making your kids learn in an environment with the Montessori methodology can be very helpful in building a strong personality for your little ones. Such kids are the ones who, later in life, are always up for challenges and self-improvement and are prepared for failure as they take it more like a learning experience.

    Set up a perfect Montessori environment at home with the best Kiddery Montessori package.

    • Organize your home and keep your baby's space specified for him or her so that they learn skills like organisation from the beginning.
    • Such a mindfully created environment will keep your kid calm, and it will bring order into your kid's mind too.
    • Add simple things like a stepping stool, a bookshelf, and a lounge chair so that the spaces around him or her make the kid comfortable.

    Montessori packages are great for making your kid's life easier. The preparation of life begins from day one; hence, making a home kid-friendly is important. A mindfully created space for your little one is safe and friendly for your kid to prepare for little wins and even the lows of failure, as they can be taught that losing is not the end of the world. It’s just a lesson from the best teacher of all: experience. Explore the wide range of Montessori packages available today only at Kiddery.

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