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Kiddery Learning Tower Cum Table & Chair Set | Montessori Inspired Furniture

Kiddery Learning Tower Cum Table & Chair Set | Montessori Inspired Furniture

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AGE: 1 yr – 6 yrs
About the product:

Learning tower, a.k.a Kitchen Tower Montessori learning tower, also called a kitchen helper, might be one of the best practical items to have around the house when you’re surrounded by a toddler’s growing interest in, well, everything around the house.

From the moment they can stand up, toddlers are so eager to experience the world around them with all their 5 senses. It’s only a matter of how you organize yourself and your home to make that happen for them. This is when a Montessori kitchen helper comes in handy. Whether you’re raising your bub according to Montessori education or not, we highly recommend this item.
What will I get:
How to use it:
Children can participate in activities like cooking, baking, washing dishes, washing their hands and brushing their teeth to name a few Learning towers can be moved around the house and make spaces at adult height accessible to toddlers.

They can reach and get their things without depending on adult help all the time Encourages child and parent bonding – as the child can spend time productively with the adult in the kitchen or other activities that were previously restricted only to adults Increases the confidence and self-esteem of the child when they participate in family activities Grows with the child and can be used for many years and by many children Increases the child’s involvement and interest in household activities as they can now see what the adult sees and work along with the adult Creates a ‘yes’ space for the child where they can explore the home environment in a safe manner.


They look so beautiful and aesthetically appealing that they enhance the interiors of any space they are put into Feeds the curiosity and creativity of the child as it offers them more possibilities to play and create Show your child what it is meant for - how to climb on and off it – stay close by but don’t hover over them- let them figure it out for themselves Show your child how to move the tower and how to place it close to where they might need – also ask them to ask for help if they need Cleaning the tower together can be shown as an activity to the child - keep a spray jar and dust cloth accessible and show them how to clean the tower – this will help them take ownership of it and handle it well If you have 2 or more children at home, let them know that only one can use the tower at a time – be firm about this rule and enforce in every time as it is for their safety.

At every space that you intend to use the tower, plan in advance where it can be placed – for example – in the kitchen in can be close to a free part of the counter and not too close to the stove or knives 
 Benefits of Montessori learning:

- Learning Tower is Safer than a stool or chair, it can also bring the child up to a higher spot, toddlers can easily fall from them.

- The Kitchen Helper Teaches Independence: The learning tower is an item greatly recommended by the Montessori method of education because it supports the child’s instinct to do things independently.

- You Spend More Quality Time Together: We mentioned before those toddlers get so interested in what we’re doing around the house that they can drop everything and run to us when they see you’re peeling a potato. While being in the tower, the toddler can safely reach the kitchen sink and you can ask them to wash the potatoes.

- The Kitchen Helper Creates an Opportunity for Exposure to New Foods: Having your child around in the little helper tower while you’re cooking could bring amazing benefits concerning their appetite and willingness to try new foods. The more your toddler gets the chance to see, touch, and explore the ingredients you’re using for dinner, the better chances are they’ll accept what is on their plate.

- Use the Learning Tower for many Activities: The kitchen helper can be used for other activities as well. You can get creative with it. Throw a blanket on it and turn it into a tent or have a puppet show. Kiddery Learning Tower goes one step further and provides a convertible Learning tower which can also be used as a table and chair.


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