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Kiddery High Chair | Montessori Inspired Furniture

Kiddery High Chair | Montessori Inspired Furniture

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AGE: 0 – 99 yrs

About the product:

Kiddery Montessori High chair is envisioned for child's every stage up to adulthood. The brilliant design allows for freedom of movement with both depth and height adjustable seat and footplates. This chair encourages more bonding with your baby during mealtimes, as it brings them right to the dining table.
What will I get:

DIY high chair with:

  • 2 ‘L’ shaped units of Birchwood
  • 2 units for sitting and support of Birchwood
  • 2 curved units for backrest of Birchwood
  • 3 connector units of Birchwood
  • 10 screws to connect all the above units


This ingenious Montessorichair brings your baby right up to the table to join the family meal. The intelligent, adjustable design has both depth-and height-adjustable seat and footplates for comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age.

The footplate effectively brings the floor up to your child, allowing for greater balance, comfort and freedom of movement.

Piece of Montessori furniture (it will hold up to 242 lbs.) with that would be very hard for a child to tip, even for toddlers who are climbing in and out of the chair on their own.

This chair is compatible with Baby Set to provide support and stability for younger babies. The Baby Set attaches directly to the chair to create a higher back, and a rail for support and stability for babies as young as six months. It also has adjustable shoulder and side straps.
No tray is needed if you’re pulling this chair up to your dining table, but Kiddery has gone one step ahead and made this compatible with a widely available Toddler Set which includes a tray

Materials: 100% CARB Certified Birchwood
Product dimensions (length x height x width) in cm/in: 49 x 79 x 46 / 19.3" x 31.1" x 18.1"
Product weight: 7 kg / 15.4 lbs
Suitable for age: >36 months
Suitable for weight: upto 110 kgs

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