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Kiddery Toddler Lounger | Wooden Montessori Furniture

Kiddery Toddler Lounger | Wooden Montessori Furniture

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About the product:

Kiddery Toddler Lounger is a one-step solution for your kid’s lounging needs. It is a foldable seating chair that can be adjusted in three different ways. Now the kids can chill and have fun while resting on their favorite lounger. It can be put in any place and can be carried with you in any room and also while travelling. The soft cushioning gives the kids’ a comfortable and smooth experience.
What will I get:

How to use:

It can be simply placed anywhere in the room for the kids to sit and chill on the lounge chair.

There are 3 different positions in which it can be adjusted to a recliner, rocker to booster to a toddler seat.

1) Independence – it lets your kids use the lounger very independently as these chairs are ready made and can be placed anywhere for the use.

2) Easy to use – the parents can simply adjust the mode of the lounger according to the kid’s needs and it is ready to use.

3) Comfort – it is absolutely comfortable for the kids to just lay down and chill on these chairs.

4) Low maintenance – these are a perfect buy for any kids as this has the least amount of maintenance cost. It can be cleaned, washed and removed very easily.

5) Safe – it is very safe for the kids to use and also the wooden finish makes it extremely kid-friendly.

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