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Kiddery Sensory Table with Single Bin

Kiddery Sensory Table with Single Bin

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AGE: 6 months - 8 yrs

About the product:

The Montessori sensory table is a unique product designed keeping in mind the sensory development of the children. This sensory children’s desk becomes both a practical place for arts and crafts, as well as a useful storage solution if completed with storage boxes in different sizes and colors. With storage boxes underneath the lids, it’s easy for your child to reach their toys – and clean up in a jiff!

What will I get:

Montessori sensory table made out of 100% CARB certified birchwood
1 wooden lid made out of CARB certified pinewood
1 bin: super strong and steady bin

How to use it:

Montessori Sensory tables can be used in many different ways, from being placed in a tub where children can squish and play. The table can also be used as a study table.
Its multi-purpose quality makes it efficient and easy to use.
There are countless sensory play activities available, a few of them are here: (link)
What will my child learn:

  • Sensory activities allow children to develop their knowledge.
  • Play using the senses aids in developing and enhancing memory.
  • Sensory play encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills.
  • Problem-solving, exploration and creativity are all benefits of sensory activities.
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