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Kiddery Polkamania | Baby Cradle | Pink

Kiddery Polkamania | Baby Cradle | Pink

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AGE: 0 – 8 months

About the product:

Kiddery Polkamania is a deluxe baby cradle that is simple yet practical to ensure your little one's good sleep. It comes in a unique design with a polka dots print that makes it appealing for both parents and their kids. The importance of sleep is very vital for a child that is growing. Kiddery Polkamania provides a warm and cosy environment for the baby to sleep. The unique features of Polkamania include the four wheels on which the cradle is based, which help move it to different places. This bassinet stroller is equipped with safety locks, so you can take your baby on walks with you!


What will I get:

DIY Baby cradle


Mosquito net

Set of wheels


1) Safety: It takes care of all the baby safety measures by providing lockable wheels to the baby cradle.

2) Storage: It has an added storage space for keeping all the baby essentials, so they can be accessed when required.

3) Security: It comes with a removable protective net that safeguards babies from mosquitoes and makes maintenance easier for parents.

4) Strong: It has a very strong and sturdy structure that provides better overall strength to the baby cradle and supports the baby in a proper way.

Dimensions & Carrying Capacity

Dimensions: 99.6 x 68.1 x 97.5 cm

Weight it can carry:

Care information:

Machine washable fabric

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