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Kiddery Ares | Baby Cradle | Pink

Kiddery Ares | Baby Cradle | Pink

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AGE: 0 - 8 months
About the product:

Kiddery Ares is a baby cradle aimed to provide a sweet and sound sleep to your babies. Sleep is a very important factor in a child’s overall growth and development. So, it becomes essential for parents to make the right choice for their baby’s sleeping cradle. And Kiddery Ares is just the best choice, parents can make as it is meant to provide great sleep for their babies and indeed them. This portable cradle is easy to use and will give your baby the best sleep, ever!
What will I get:

DIY Baby cradle


Mosquito net

Set of wheels


1) Focus: The brain development in the initial years is a very integral aspect of a child’s life and sleep is as important for kids as is their nutrition. And hence a sound sleep helps a baby develop a good focus eventually.

2) Explore: Sleep allows babies to strengthen their memory and things they’ve learnt and prepares them to process and explore the environments around them better when they are awake.

3) Gross skills: These are the skills where the initial development of muscles and body parts is staged, good sleep often helps to enhance these skills.

4) Compact: It is a very easy to use yet very comfortable cradle for babies with all the stylish looks.

Dimensions & Carrying Capacity

Dimensions: ‎96 x 67 x 98 cm

Weight it can carry: 15 kgs

Care information:

Machine washable fabric

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