Montessori table and chair set

Toddler Furniture: Study Table, Chairs, Sensory Table, Cavalla, Pushcart etc

Our homes are the first classroom for any toddler. It’s an introduction to life, and one can make it as safe, failure-friendly, and confidence-boosting as possible for any toddler. Our environment touches the lives of our kids, as they are always experiencing things with all their newly activated senses. The surroundings of a child promote a stimulating learning and experiencing environment.

Gift your toddler's growth & structure

The right furniture supports your kids in becoming comfortable with the right structure and posture. An ergonomic furniture design ensures that the tiny bodies of our little ones have good space to move and adjust without any fear of hurting themselves.

At Kiddery, you can explore our cross table and chair set and add it to your Montessori package. The right education begins with the right environment. A table and chair set will imbue more discipline and calmness into your child’s personality. The hyperactivity that most kids experience can be harnessed in the right environment. This will also make them more attentive, limiting the chances of your kid having an attention deficit. A stable environment sets us up for stable self-awareness and calm behaviour. This set of furniture assembles easily, and it’s designed minimally to keep the surroundings peaceful and calm.

Another great way to develop habits is to assign different furniture to different activities, such as a separate chair for relaxing, a play cabana in the room, forcing the child to eat at a separate table, and so on.

Another great piece of furniture you can pick up at Kiddery is the 3-in-1 multi-purpose Cavalla. A rocking horse chair made to push the creative boundaries of kids This excellently made furniture offers a highchair, a Montessori table and chair set, as well as a rocking chair. This cavalla by Kiddery can be flipped into all three things as needed. An engrossing yet interesting piece of furniture designed to increase your child's self-awareness and independence.

Building the ability to fail in our kids is an underrated and negative concept. At Kiddery, we believe that it is important to make your home not only baby-friendly, but also failure-friendly, because a failed act reflects our children's attempts, and they are encouraged with the right environment that these small failures can carve a personality that can endure better and try harder.

In a space where competition is ever growing, we need to cheer for our kids during the tough times. Setting up the right environment for our children from the beginning of their lives can work like magic in making them confident at every stage of life, even when they face difficult and unfamiliar challenges.

Sensory tables by Kiddery are another excellent way to help your toddler develop decision-making skills. A good environment can prepare your kind to function with small qualities like organisation, sharing, and sitting while eating, as well as making them calm. The sensory table at Kiddery is built with a thoughtful purpose. It’s a unique table curated to make a child’s desk a practical place to function beyond paper and crayons. One can teach the kid to take out what they need to put away and then help them inculcate the ability to clean it up too. These little activities can prepare your toddler for later years of life. Such little acts can help with healthy brainstorming, the development of gross motor skills, and problem-solving aptitude.

As our children enter this fearful world of constant competition, applause for failure can have a big impact. Kiddery is made with the conviction that the purchase of toddler furniture by parents must be mindful, and keeping this as our objective, we provide everything beyond quality. Contact Kiddery today to learn more about their extensive collection of children's furniture! 

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