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Kiddery Square | Stool for Kids

Kiddery Square | Stool for Kids

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  • Perfect for small children to sit at and play, draw, do crafts or set the table for a cosy picnic in the garden. - The furniture is light but steady, and your child can carry them from room to room or out into the garden. - Made from super strong and sturdy Birchwood. - Also perfect for outdoor use since it is made to withstand rain, sun, snow and dirt. - Easy to assemble – you just click the components together. Proudly, Designed & Made in India
  • Square wooden stool made up of Birchwood. Multi-functional throughout the home, Easy DIY Installation. This stool/table is very handy. This design is simply irresistible. Can be used as Indoor or outdoor furniture. For Home ,Office , Living Room , Bedroom and suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. This table serves a great way to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with your friends and family over long exciting conversations

What will my child learn?

Sensory activities allow children to develop their knowledge.Play using the senses aids in developing and enhancing memory.Sensory play encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills.Problem-solving, exploration and creativity are all benefits of sensory activities.

Dimensions & Carrying Capacity

Product dimensions:83cm (L) x 58cm (B) x 48cm (H)

Weight our sensory table can carry: Approximately50kgs

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