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Kiddery Cerus | Wooden Baby Bassinet

Kiddery Cerus | Wooden Baby Bassinet

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AGE: 0 – 12 months

About the product:

Sleep is an integral part of a new born baby and it also plays a vital role in the development they go through. Kiddery Wooden Cerus Baby Bassinet is an elegant piece of furniture for your baby’s sound sleep. It is a perfect blend of beauty and comfort all in one bassinet that can go in an any corner of your house. It is a chic and comfortable, yet fits in all the environments around it.
What will I get:

How to use:

Kiddery Wooden Cerus Baby Bassinet can be used directly to lay down the baby to sleep, on the mattress inside the bassinet.

1) Portable - it can be taken to different places you visit, with you and hence it won’t hamper the baby’s sleep.

2) Comfort - the mattress is soft and extremely comfortable for the baby’s skin and doesn’t bother or irritate the baby while sleeping.

3) Compact - it is compact and small, so it takes up very little space and go even in smaller places and environments.

4) Cost friendly – It is a very economical choice which costs less and serves the same uses.


What will my child learn?

Sensory activities allow children to develop their knowledge.Play using the senses aids in developing and enhancing memory.Sensory play encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills.Problem-solving, exploration and creativity are all benefits of sensory activities.

Dimensions & Carrying Capacity

Product dimensions:83cm (L) x 58cm (B) x 48cm (H)

Weight our sensory table can carry: Approximately50kgs

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