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Kiddery Baby Bed in a Bag - KEZIAH

Kiddery Baby Bed in a Bag - KEZIAH

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The Bed in a Bag is every young parent’s buddy. Our BiB makes it even better for the baby. Its not only extremely comfortable but also super safe.

The BiB is Perfect for Co-sleeping with the bolsters protecting the child from turning and also acting as a barrier between the parent(s) or care giver & baby.

While Traveling its easy to carry and ready to use, hassle free baby bed anytime, anywhere. Handmade from 100% Organic cotton grown without pesticides, insecticides & other toxins providing a superlative product for your Baby.

Its lightweight and easy to carry around with the provided handle on top. 100% Washable with easy to remove cover.

The Bed in a bag is ideal for a New born baby upto 1 year of age.

The best part, our BiB has gone through an Anti Odour, Anti Fungal and Anti bacterial treatment to keep your little one safe forever.

Our Package includes 1 Bed in a Bag, 1 Pillow and 2 Side bolsters

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